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This Is Your Attorney!

Tom is very prompt in his responses and extremely knowledgeable. I contacted him for my trust and will set up and he was very helpful in explaining all of the technical details. 

Trusts Client

This an Awesome Firm

This an awesome firm, they do a great job! 

Chris Barbas

This is a great firm!

Elizabeth Schmidt

Highly Recommend

Mr. Pascaris made navigating the stressful process of divorce easier. He is knowledgeable and honest. Highly recommend! 

Katrina Mackrain

Highly Recommended!

My experience with Pascaris Law Firm & Mr. Thomas Pascaris himself, has been very stress free on my end of things. This helps out a lot with whatever situation you may have because as we all know, when the time comes to need an attorney, you do not want to have to do “their job” plus all the other things you have to get done as well. The first thing I noticed about Mr. Pascaris is that he takes pride in his work and is very helpful, informative, friendly, and is quick to get back with you in a timely manner no matter what! I would recommend Thomas Pascaris for an attorney if you want it done right! & would 1,000 x’s again & again!
Thank You Mr. Thomas Pascaris for all you have done for me, it was a GREAT PLEASURE doing business with you! (: (: 


Great Lawyer and Treats You Like You Are His Number 1 Priority!

Mr. Pascaris was kind, courteous, knowledgeable and very approachable when dealing with my case. He helped turn a difficult time into an effective one and go me the results that were ideal in my situation. I highly recommend him if you have any legal issues. He was very good at keeping me informed and making sure I knew exactly what was happening and made sure I understood everything from a legal stand point.

Great lawyer and treats you like you are his number 1 priority!